Update 1) Delivery unavailable on Oct 17, 18, 24 // Update 2) Don't worry, we got Mangoes!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located at YVR Prep - 5279 Still Creek Ave, Burnaby (near Costco). See it on Google Map


Q: Can I come and purchase Cakes or Cake-in-a-jar or check them out in-person?

A: Gary's Patisserie does not have a store-front. We are located in a commissionary kitchen so it's nothing fancy. Gary make cakes as per demand, so we do not have day-old cakes, everything is the freshest! Nothing extra. 


Q: Can I order today and pick-up today?

A: Gary need 2 days advanced notice for his orders.


Q: Why does Gary need 2 days advanced notice for orders?

A: Gary makes his cakes fresh every morning. Here's a break down of his process:
Day 1 - Gary needs to ensure that he has the necessary ingredients to complete your order.
Day 2 - Cake assembled and completed, ready for pick-up/delivery.


Q: What are your opening hours?

A: Closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Orders available Thursday to Sunday, pick-up time is anytime between 2pm-5pm. Delivery window is from 3pm - 6pm.


Q: Why is Gary closed Monday and Tuesday?

A: The only full-time at Gary's Patisserie is Gary. This is Gary's schedule: Monday - Personal errands etc. Tuesday - Ingredients shopping. Wednesday - Preparing and baking for Wednesday orders. 


Q: What time is pick-up and why not earlier?

A: Pick-up time is anytime between 2pm - 5pm. Gary makes his cake early in the morning and aims to complete his daily orders by 2pm (sometimes it overruns). 


Q: How much is delivery?

Delivery from my commercial kitchen at 5279 Still Creek Ave, Burnaby costs as follows:
From 0-13km* $13
13km - 25km* $23
Over 25km*, we do not deliver - sorry
*according to Google map, we'll take the shortest distance shown


Q: What is the delivery window and When will I receive my order?

A: Delivery window is from 3pm - 6pm. It is hard to estimate exactly what time you will receive your order as it depends on the number of deliveries we have that day. My deliverer and pick-up orders at 3pm, set its route and go.