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Durian cake wrapped with Mangoes

Durian Cake wrapped with Mangoes

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The rich and creamy texture of durian with sweet and juicy mangoes makes this cake a very intriguing and delightful experience. King of Fruits combined, joined in Harmony, to supplement you with all natural Iron, Vitamin C, Fibre , Pectin and Potassium. This is a two layer Durian filled, 3 tier sponge cake wrapped with Fresh Mangoes.

An 6" has 160-180g of durian.

- Require 2-day advanced ordering
- No deliveries/Pick-up on Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays (Gary needs to prep for the whole week)

* Gary reserves the final decision to accept/cancel orders. In the event that any changes are required, customer will be notified immediately.